Parent-Child Ed

All activities will be held at Mackeben Elementary, 800 Academic Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102

Listed below are the Parent-Child Education classes that will be offered throughout the summer.  Parents and child(ren) will attend the interactive session together.  Come to as many as you would like!  Check out the calendar of events for dates and times.

June 21 

It Came from Planet Smile (K-2): What would a space creature look like? The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination soar as you create your very own space creature using figurative language to describe its out-of-this-world appearance.

Reading is Out of this World (3-5)Do you love learning about the different planets? If so, this class is definitely for you!! Discover interesting facts about the planets that make up our Solar System, and find out why one planet is no longer a planet.

June 28 

There's No Place Like Space! (K-5): Imagine that you've discovered a new planet.  What would you name it? What does it look like? Who or what lives there? Put your space suit on and explore the depths of your own imagination!  

July 5

Shapes from Outer Space! (K-2): Have fun using pattern blocks to create stars, planets, spaceships and other space themed pictures while learning about two dimensional shapes and symmetry.

Martian Math (3-5): Did you know that you can make a Martian using math? Use area, perimeter, quadrilaterals, and angles to create your very own space creature. You’ll be “over the moon” for this engaging math activity!

July 12

Blast Off (K-2):  Have you ever wanted to build your own space rocket? Learn how the scientific principles of force, thrust, and pressure allow a rocket to take off into outer space, and then put those concepts into practice to see how far your own balloon rocket can travel. 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!!

Moon Mission! (3-5):  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Design a Lunar Lander that will safely allow astronauts to land on the moon. Be careful that your astronauts remain in the spacecraft!!  Good luck!

July 19

Calling All Astronauts! 

K-2 Many people dream of rocketing into outer space or walking on the moon, but not many actually get the chance to do it.  Come learn about some of the people who have lived that dream! 

3-5 From Neil Armstrong to James A. Lovell, come learn about NASA's bravest astronauts who have experienced space travel first hand.  You'll also learn how to draw your own spaceman or spacewoman using step-by-step directions.  You are sure to have a "stellar" time in this class!

July 26 

Build a Galaxy with Code (K-5):  Coding provides students with endless opportunities to create, design, and express themselves through technology. Programming is becoming an increasingly important skill for our students to learn, and what better way to introduce kids to this exciting field than through Star Wars?! Learn to program droids and create your own Star Wars game in this 21st century class.

August 2

Trek into Space with an Award Winning Book (K-5): Come and celebrate the Solar System Spectacular with an end of summer celebration and fun activities that align with the book provided for participating in Summer ICE.